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Some Of Our Amazing Clients


There are many leadership training programs, but StepUp Leadership’s training works! The level of energy and communication at Mozilla got better after their trainings. Better discussions, better Directors meetings.Teams care more about the important things and aren’t caught up in the small stuff. Everyone is committed to getting things done and is doing so. They brought in many different tools and many ways to look at and resolve the issues we were grappling with.

- Johnathan Nightengale, VP Firefox, Mozilla

StepUp Leadership provides so much more than “traditional” leadership training. Their approach takes the whole person into account, creates true breakthrough for participants both individually as well as teams.

- Pascal Finette, Managing Director and Entrepreneurship Chair, Singularity University

The workshop conducted by StepUp Leadership for my national United Way team…..really hit the mark. It gave the participants new skills and more confidence to ‘lead the room’ from a place of personal strength—regardless of experience level. The workshop was also a great teambuilding experience; the group had fun, learned what colleagues saw as ‘powerful’ within them as well as how to support and rely on each other when co-presenting. A week later, they had the opportunity to successfully apply these lessons at our national conference of more than 2,000 attendees.

- Cynthia Round, former Executive Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing, United Way of America

StepUp facilitators are able to create a joyful, honest, permissive but respectful environment -this has the effect of stripping away the inhibitions of participants.  Unlike other trainings I’ve taken part in, participants learned as a team, while improving as individuals, and the effect on the organization was definitely energizing. I regard working with StepUp Leadership as a milestone in my career development.  I believe they have the ability to make any team more self-aware , collaborative and courageous.

- Patrick Finch, Product Marketing Director, Mozilla

Fujitsu brought a hand-selected group of executives to visit Silicon Valley from Japan to change the way they think and do their jobs. StepUp Leadership created a powerful program that exposed our leaders to innovative ways of thinking and new ways of being leaders. Everyone walked away feeling inspired to go back to their roles with a much deeper understanding of what it means to be leader.

- Eriko Suwa, Manager, Leadership Development, Fujitsu University.

StepUp Leadership transforms people and organizations. Their unique process enables leaders to develop their innate strength, while elevating their focus and effectiveness. They are reinventing organizations with authentic and compassionate leadership at the center, and bringing forward a new generation of mindful business.

- Jane Finette, former Director of Global User Engagement, Mozilla

Kate and stepupleadership have been excellent partners with us in the design of some of our leadership programs. They bring great ideas, knowledge, and a commitment to creating an impactful experience that we’ve really appreciated. The programs they build with us remain some of our most highly rated trainings.

- Joel Constable, Head of Learning and Development, Pinterest