What We Do


Our experiential style of training invites everyone to participate fully and play an active role in their own learning. People want to do the training because they feel seen, understood and inspired to grow. We create an environment where leaders feel safe to step forward and be honest about their strengths, successes, failures and challenges. Participants walk out of each session ready to apply what they’ve learned to their work and personal lives.

Mastering Leadership Program (7-10 months)

We develop programs for Executives who want to work together more effectively. We have developed a high level Executive Training Program that gives them the skills to be more proactive, work more effectively together, see the bigger picture and get clear on strategic focus and outcomes. Featuring Dr. Peter Wilton from the Haas Business School, this training begins with a 360 review process, and includes coaching throughout the program. There are four chapters to this program:

  • Knowing Yourself as a Leader
  • Mastering Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork Essentials
  • Leveraging Your Value at work.

Building Emerging Leader Programs

stepupleadership offers a series of one and two-day programs for high potential, emerging leaders. There are no power-points or boring lectures. We offer relevant tools and skills presented in a creative, interactive way. Participants learn from each other and develop stronger relationships that lay the groundwork for more fruitful collaboration. Of course, we are willing to work with you and your organizations needs.

  • Leadership Fundamentals- know your strengths build your skills (2 days)
  • Collaborative Leadership – work with others more powerfully (2 days)
  • The Coach Approach to Managing – how to get the most of your team (1 day)
  • Finding Your Narrative – unleash the power of storytelling (1 day)
  • Heroes Journey – to help with the ups and downs of organizational life (1 day)
  • Five Ways to Handle Conflict – take the punch out of conflict (1 day)


StepUp facilitators are able to create a joyful, honest, permissive but respectful environment -this has the effect of stripping away the inhibitions of participants.  Unlike other trainings I’ve taken part in, participants learned as a team, while improving as individuals, and the effect on the organization was definitely energizing. I regard working with StepUp Leadership as a milestone in my career development.  I believe they have the ability to make any team more self-aware , collaborative and courageous.

- Patrick Finch, Product Marketing Director, Mozilla