Introducing the StepUp Leadership Podcast

By February 28, 2019 Podcast

Welcome to StepUp Leadership’s podcast series, “Five-minute Epiphanies to Mine the Mess for Success: Tips, Snippets and Stories” aimed to help you be more successful in the mess.

I am Kate Roeske-Zummer Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of StepUp Leadership.

StepUp Leadership is committed to helping organizations bring more humanity into their workplaces. We are all so busy and we have so much to do that we begin to see the people we work with as tools to help with us with our objectives or worse obstacles that get in our way.

At StepUp, we want to give people real tools and skills that will help them communicate more effectively, both when things are working and, when things are not working. Innuendo, assumptions, even sarcasm can make working with each other complicated.

We’ll never get rid of how messy it is working with real human beings. But by learning skills such as listening, asking questions, providing positive feedback or having the tough conversation we can actually create an atmosphere and a culture that allows for more humanity.

So, join us for our weekly podcasts five-minute epiphanies to mine the mess for success: tips, snippets and stories. Next week we will talk about how you are training people how to treat you all the time.

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